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Coming to BizTech preparing for study and work in Canada: vital FAQ’s & Do-Not-Forgets!

Your Admission

Click the ‘Apply Now!’ button or, contact the college via email: Applicants begin by submitting an application form with the $100 (CDN.) fee; please include official (copies of) identification and program pre-requisite material for evaluation by the school
(the fee is non-refundable and applied directly to their program tuition).

Yes, the college does assist in the completion of all its forms and documents. Applicants may count on a timely response from us to ensure their admission occurs as efficiently as possible, however we cannot expedite a Canada study or work permit as this is entirely a federal (Canadian) government matter.

Where English is not the first language these results should be made available; depending on where an applicant is from. ESL results can be required by the federal government for the study permit to be granted.

This depends on the program wanted. Applicants may apply to the college whenever convenient, but are reminded admission can take time, delays occur if the college and/or the Canadian government have to wait for required information or payment. Applicants may indicate when they look to begin studies, otherwise, some programs have a scheduled start to meet slated placement dates.

Your Study Permit

The school will ensure during each step of admission that our replies and necessary letters are sent out promptly. The college does retain an experienced immigration/visa professional who will assist the completion of the Canadian study permit application (there is a fee for this service; this is waived once a student accepts admission here).

Yes. The college or its agents will guide applicants through the application process, making sure applicants understand not only this process, but coming into Canada and living here as part of our learning community.

Once you have received your International Student Acceptance Letter, you make application to the Canadian Government. Your application may be made online, or on paper:

No. The time it takes to obtain your study permit varies, issuance is entirely a federal government decision, outside our scope. First, a student’s enrolment must follow our application process; applicants are encouraged to meet the required deadlines so the college can readily authorize its international student acceptance letter, this letter is used to make application to the Canadian government for a study permit.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada processing times link:

BizTech College is a designated learning institution, this means our international programs are designed so students qualify to work in Canada while they study and after their graduate. Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers different programs graduates may qualify under, but graduates must ensure the Canadian government receives their application within sufficient time for processing.

Of course, but as with any country around the world, you are an international applicant, study permits are required.

Tuition Fees and Costs

It depends on the program you are want, contact the college or its agents to learn more about your program or subject of interest.

Program costs (do/can) include:
- registration and tuition;
- books and software;
- lab and placement fees;
- certification or professional exam fees (*Certification/or professional exam fees ensure graduates are fully able to qualify for field entry while here).
International students must plan for their everyday living: accommodations, food, clothing and laundry, travel/transit, entertainment and shopping; applicants must take a careful inventory of their own needs and prepare, considering the full length of their program (two (2) years or more).
*there is a financial planning Q & A available within this web page for review*

BizTech College is unable to offer scholarships or grants. International students are encouraged to seek avenues through the government of their home country. Secured loans may be available through financial institutions in Canada if the student can offer a Canadian Guarantor or, they are here as a protected person/conventional refugee.

ESL Testing, Previous Education, Pre-requisites and Training internships

The college does offer English as Second Language courses (*additional cost).
PLEASE NOTE: applicants are required to produce ESL testing results; for those from ESL required countries, the Canadian government WILL NOT issue a study permit .

To be considered for the pre-medical program your General Certificate of Secondary Education MUST indicate: math, biology, physics and chemistry courses for admission.

BizTech College is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. Our international student programs are at least two (2) years long meeting the government’s requirements for employment while studying in Canada.
* the college offers in-house employment services to help students find a job while they study*

Yes. Many of our programs require a student to complete a mandatory worksite placement as part of their diploma accreditation; if a student wishes to complete a non-compulsory worksite placement, the college will assist to find an appropriate opportunity.

Yes, with the appropriate official documentation you are eligible for admission into a related program offered here.

Research and contact Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) agencies, easily located online.

No, advanced standing is not available. Evaluated credentials are used to satisfy pre-requisite qualifications.

Settlement in Canada

The college does not have a dormitory or student residency; we will help applicants to access available resources, to navigate and familiarize in their new home! Students are expected to arrive in Canada at least one week before beginning studies, this way the college may make sure they are sufficiently settled.
Looking to get involved in your community, you can volunteer at the campus or, the college is pleased to facilitate opening doors for you!

Prospective applicants are recommended to consider their accommodations as soon as they can, examining their potential needs even while they consider studies, but in particular, once applicants receive their Letter of Offer. The school is pleased to advise and engage to help secure living quarters, we have established networks within the local community

aside from the education and training itself, the next biggest consideration must be planning a working yearly/monthly budget, it’s important to ask these questions:
- The type of accommodation sought: a room (bed-sit), shared quarters, apartment or house;
- Do you plan to bring family with you?
- Do you have family/friends already here to assist?
- Do you plan to travel outside the local community, the Toronto area, or Ontario?

Applicants are encouraged to begin a working comparison of what their resources are vs. their expenses, creating a budget, such as you see:

Rent/lease $400 - $2,000/m.
Food $160/m.
Utilities & Cable $60/m.
Internet $30/m.
Phone $30/m.
Personal $120/m.
Clothing $80/m.
Transit: $100/m.
Laundry $25/m.

*for a single individual. (It is recommended for each additional family member to add $1500 – $2000 per month);
**for rooms and apartments: utilities, cable and internet may be included as part of the monthly rent/lease cost;
***Landlords can require a first and last deposit payment up front, this is two (2) monthly rent/lease payments together;

- international students do not qualify for healthcare under the provincial government, they must seek private medical coverage while they attend school. The college can help arrange a package to suit, including: medical/specialist visits, hospital stays, dental, vision and prescription coverage.

As part of our efforts while you gain your education, no less important, the school will assist to help you find and secure a job while you study.
• Money you make while working in Canada IS subject to taxes, this helpful link offers great information:
• Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.): A MUST - for everyone working/seeking work in Canada. ONLY full-time students are eligible; if a student breaks from their studies, they cannot work but may retain their number.
Take a look:
- To apply for a SIN number:
- Submitting a SIN application, at a local Service Canada office:
• These original documents are needed when making an application:
- valid passport
- a Canadian study permit needs to show: ‘may accept employment’ or, ‘may work’ in order to complete a SIN application
(*school officials are happy to advise through this process)
** any change to your status and the government has to be notified; students who graduate need to change to a ‘work permit’, **remembering to allow time for processing**

- SIN numbers must be extended, if a study permit is extended
- SIN numbers are associated with personal information and should NEVER be shared unless required by law, PROTECT IT!
*Applicants and students are encouraged to make copies of all their official documents and applications
with accompanying English translations as needed
Click this helpful Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) ‘frequently-asked-questions’ (FAQ) link:

The Weather

Spring: (March – June)
Temperatures normally vary from -5 to +15 degrees Celsius; water-repellant outerwear with umbrellas and sweaters are often required as snow changes to rain!
Summer: (June – September)
Temperatures can range from +20 to +35 degrees Celsius; t-shirts, shorts, sandals and sunscreen are very appropriate!
Autumn/Fall: (September – December)
Temperatures average from +10 to -15 degrees Celsius; daylight is considerably shorter; increasing rainfall and wind means warmer clothing and outerwear, sweaters, coats, hats and light gloves may be needed. With a sight few see around the world, enjoy the trees as their leaves change from green to beautiful reds, golds and browns, expect snow as we move into December and winter.
Winter: (December – March)
Temperatures are normally 0 to -15 degrees, however, wind-chill can make this feel colder… don’t worry, the school can advise how to manage. Let it snow! Available daylight comes to its shortest interval, weather at this time of year requires preparedness with larger, warmer coats, boots, gloves, hats and scarves!

OTHER FYI’s and Don’t Forgets!

  • All your identification, medical/immunization should be available, with an English translation if necessary*
  • Do you intend to drive while here?
  • Reference letters from previous employers are a good idea to help gain work. Translated copies are a great idea!
  • Don’t Forget: to plan for your international credit card(s), and mobile phone plans
  • USE THE WEB - Banking in Canada: financial institutions offer students full-service, tailored solutions to suit their needs while here

Budget… Budget… Budget!

It is all about planning your budget right!

It’s important for international and out-of-town students to consider other living expenses while planning their education. This sample provides a good general overview of what you can expect:

(*NOTE: This is a template. Based on students preferences, he or she can calculate the budget by adding other costs that he or she may incur during the course of studying at BizTech)

You will need a

Before and while you are at BizTech, here are some things you would like to add to your college-to-do list:

If you are planning to pursue studies and even a career abroad, there can be fewer attractive destinations than Canada. With something everyone, respecting culture and nationality, this is a land of possibilities!

  • Know what you need and purchase those items to ensure that you are comfortable while you are here.
  • Know your financial situation
  • Plan your college budget carefully, don’t leave this to the last minute!
  • While you are at campus, make sure you attend orientations and workshops related to your program
  • Do not miss classes and maintain the discipline of the campus
  • Establish a strong academic management system to ensure that nothing in your private life compromises your smooth academic progress
  • Engage those around you, teachers, colleagues and make friends! Get to know where you live, become involved with your community.