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Learn, Live and Play!
Our Mississauga Ontario campus makes it all possible:

  • Centrally located so your travel is accessible, connected and easy…
  • Achieve and succeed with your premier Canadian post-secondary education and training!
  • You are not alone - a rich, diverse community awaits! International cultural centers, faith groups and heritage events allow you to experience real Canadian diversity
  • A wealth of resources bring opportunity: network and access helpful resources, even dining and groceries that offer tastes of home!
  • Visit Toronto! Minutes from even more adventure, hospitality, entertainment, sports, dining, attractions, and world-class fun! See and stay in Ontario’s capital city!

Very few metropolitan areas can offer such a comfortable and friendly transition for someone pursuing their education abroad.


Find out more about the city living and cultures

If you are planning to pursue studies and even a career abroad, there can be fewer attractive destinations than Canada. With something everyone, respecting culture and nationality, this is a land of possibilities!

  • High academic education recognized worldwide
  • Affordable education compared to other countries like USA or UK
  • High standard of living
  • Multi-Cultural society
  • Bilingual nation
  • Safe place to live and study
  • Beautiful natural environment
  • World class variety of sports and extra-curricular activities
  • A leader in high technology
  • Strong employment rate
  • Good healthcare system
  • Diversity in landscape and climate

And of course for international students after graduation -
a post-graduation work permit may be issued for 3 years

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