Become An Agent

BizTech College International Student Advisors

BizTech College is proud and committed to assist international students across the globe, vital to this success are experienced education advisers who understand the goals and needs of Canadian education seekers.

Our recruiters are unique coordinators who know how to network and build relationships, to present opportunity and help manage the necessary steps for applicants to learn, do and become in the following ways:

  • Secure brand building, promoting our career-focused education and training;
  • Assist applicants with application process, ensure paperwork and documentation is thoroughly completed and submitted to us
  • Advise/aid English as a Second Language Testing (as needed)
  • Understand and advise applicants about Canada Study Permit and guide through this application process
  • Counsel students to understand the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) Program and the Post- Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) through the Canadian Government

Interested Recruiters Will Undergo Careful Scrutiny and Selection. Our partners need to indicate unblemished business practice, with responsive, proven and committed performance. Excellence is expected.

We Look For Long-Term Mutual Success. BizTech College brings to our partners its experience and quality programming, emphasizing those services international student look for, studying, working and living in Canada. We offer a practical and rewarding incentive and bonus package.

Feedback From Partners. Regular partner feedback is important! A key aspect is your clear experience, insight and vantage point, cooperating in futures building, Canadian education promotion and business continuity.

Let us know what makes you a qualified agent