Pre-Medical Diploma

Your First Step To Become A Medical Doctor

Pre-Medical Diploma

Opening doors to a prestigious medical career, a student’s dreams of becoming a doctor are built here! This program is designed for those highly motivated individuals possessing the singular vision of a future as a practicing physician!

In only one year, students receive a complete medical sciences pre-requisite education and advanced foundation, preparing for their coming degree studies. Pre-medical program credits are completely transferrable with guaranteed admission into the M.D degree programs of our partner universities -- no MCAT required!


These strategic affiliations give our students excellent curriculum options and training continuity, each one utilizes the North American hospital model.

An enriching program leading to an enriched future, making the goal of learning medicine, discovery and patient healing, accessible, ready and REAL.


Semester I: Total 22 Credit Hours

  • PRM 1101 General Biology I   -6 hours
  • PRM 1201 General Chemistry I   -5 hours
  • PRM 1301 Pre-Calculus   -5 hours
  • PRM 1401 English I   -6 hours

Semester II: Total 22 Credit Hours

  • PRM 2102 General Biology II   -6 hours
  • PRM 2202 General Chemistry II   -5 hours
  • PRM 2302 Calculus     -5 hours
  • PRM 2402 English II   -6 hours

Semester III: Total 24 Credit Hours

  • PRM 3111 Introduction to Histology & Cell Biology  -6 hours
  • PRM 3203 Organic Chemistry I   -6 hours
  • PRM 3501 General Physics I  -6 hours
  • PRM 3601 Psychology   -6 hours

Semester IV: Total 24 Credit Hours

  • PRM 4115 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology  -6 hours
  • PRM 4204 Organic Chemistry II  -6 hours
  • PRM 4502 General Physics II    -6 hours
  • PRM 4611 Ethics   -3 hours
  • PRM 4700 Medical Terminology   -3 hours

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of the BizTech Entrance English Level 3 for students with no English test results.
  • High School or equivalent
  • Must have taken grade 12 level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

Program Length: 4 Semesters
Credential: Diploma
Start Date: Monthly

Students applying for the Pre-Medical Program will be evaluated based on their high school performance. Emphasis will be placed on advance placement and advanced level courses, extracurricular activities and performance on standardized examinations. To complete the application process candidates must submit:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Personal Essay
  • Two Letters of Recommendation - one of which should preferably be written by health care professional.

Each individual application is reviewed and followed by an interview with the applicant. Not only do we look at the personal characteristics of each candidate and their academic background, but most importantly, their motivation to become a doctor.

BizTech College begins new classes in March and September every year and the deadline for application may vary.

International Students Fee Structure

Description 1st year 2nd year
Application Fee $100
Tuition Fee $22,300 $22,300
Other Fees $4,500 $1,500
Total $26,900 $23,800


  1. All fees are in Canadian Dollars.
  2. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Other charges include International Student fee, laboratory / clinical placement fee, text books, software, certificate fee and professional examination fees.
  4. Semester wise tuition fee payment plan is available for some courses. Please contact us for more details.

English Proficiency Requirements

English Proficiency Requirements

A minimum TOEFL score of 550
OR an IELTS score of 6.0, with no band less than 5.0
OR completion of the BizTech Entrance English Level 3 for people with no English test results.

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- Andriy

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