Privacy Policy

Respecting Information Collection and Use

BizTech College of Health Science, Business and Technology, promises to uphold the regulations set out by Canadian and Ontario freedom of information laws, namely, the Freedom of Information Law and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), surrounding the collection and use of personal information and statistics.
Website Logs and Data: when accessing our website, the following such information is automatically available:
- date and time you visit, as well, the address of the previous website if done through a link from another site;
- IP address;
- operating system and browser

Cookies: enabled on a computer, they allow users to easily access our site, they record a small amount of information on your computer, allowing us to continue site improvements

Page Content: the college is responsible for the content of our site only

Information Collection and Use: BizTech College gathers information in support of school and business activities; it retains information on prospective applicants, students, graduates, alumni, staff and individuals who use/access our website, contact us, and explore/engage our services. We remain the sole owner of this data; the college does not sell or rent information in any way.
Information is only shared with relevant staff in appropriate use, to support on-going business and student activities;
Information is/maybe used, in the course of the following:
- prospective inquiry, enrolment, student education/training completion, testing, grading, graduation, labour market preparation and entry, maintaining alumnus connections;
- establishing student and business supports within the local community, provincially, nationally and internationally;
- financial transactions;
- other college planning and uses, including marketing/media efforts;
- inform relevant government agencies/industry-authorized bodies;
- prospective staff appointments, and retention;
- provided to other jurisdictions for diploma/degree partnership, education, articulation and/or business building, promotion;
- legal and law enforcement matters

The college uses contractual agreements to protect personal information disclosed in conjunction with other service providers and business partners;

Individuals with the college shall have access to their information (unless it cannot be easily retrieved, and is requested in the prescribed format);
*Any exclusions as per, FIPPA,
- requests for information will be retained in individual records, including actions taken by the college;
- individuals will have opportunity to correct information, submit/record omissions

Individuals shall be notified when their personal information has been required by third parties;

The college will not disclose personal information unless individuals have been informed, and this use has been authorized;

The college will only apply information that is directly provided unless authorized by individuals; *parties have opportunity to refuse involvement unless:

- bound by law, legal enforcement;
- contradictory to training, students who refuse to disclose will/may affect their ability to enter or complete program training;
- Every effort will be made to protect and secure private information, this includes the destruction of data which does not allow for retrieval or reconstruction;

BizTech College has the right to destroy/erase information no longer relevant to its business purposes, needs, or data it is no longer responsible for.

This information is available in writing, providing a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope to:

BizTech College of Health Sciences, Business and Technology
5170 Dixie Road, Suite #205, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E3 Canada
Phone: +1-905-212-9039