With smaller classes led by proven, dedicated, industry professionals, an education at BizTech offers individualized, career-focused attention, providing students their best advantage in training, ready to succeed as graduates in the field they are passionate about.
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You Come First
Biztech College Career focus program

Our programs are designed to provide students with relevant, hands-on job skills, growing the leadership and initiative companies want. Our instructors, shaped by years of industry experience, heighten student know-how demonstrating expected career standards and ‘best-practices’ leading to a solid career beginning. Working to match training success with career opportunity, graduates can secure placements, articulating these right into the employment arena! Here, it’s a complete package of competitive, advanced and hands-on post-secondary education, with determined career – entry and accessible financing, so you don’t have to graduate in a mountain of debt.

Career Focused Programs
At BizTech College, we want our students to graduate with a job offer already on the table, our curriculum is designed to give them the necessary expertise and confidence employers search for! We offer training and career guidance every step of the way, ensuring our students remain focused on their chosen employment path.
Biztech College Co-op placement
Co-op Placement

Our classes focus on developing both the technical and field-specific communication needed to perform well in a chosen career. In cooperation with the invaluable gains made through worksite placement, students exit their respected programs familiar, confident and connected to employer practice.
Many of our programs offer a mandatory placement component, however, all students wishing a co-op opportunity will be helped to secure one!

Expert Educators

Our instructors own years of demonstrated professional experience, they know what employers want and create challenging courses to advance and strengthen student skill sets, providing real world, workplace expertise.

  • Innovative academic educators
  • Educators who embolden student success
  • Advocates for advancements in their fields
  • Certified IT Experts, Engineers and Accountants
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Advanced Care Paramedics
  • Leaders who create curriculums based on current industry demands with a dedicated vision
Small Class Size

Our small classroom caps ensure you receive specialized, personal attention from instructor professionals, developing a meaningful, success-driven rapport.

Career Services

Our in-house career services concentrate on each graduate’s end-run: to secure a professional opportunity!
With on-going, one-on-one efforts, our work does not end until the goal of employment is achieved!
Everything from resume building, securing job interviews and making business introductions, we help build the qualified picture and approach you want project to the field, “Here I am, ready to perform, hire me!”